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Rootvin's beginnings were established in TVIN company. TVIN was founded in 1991 as a single-purpose production of aluminium and waffle cones for frozen Kolombina ice creams manufactured at Pragolaktos Praha. The production was placed in indemnified joinery in Brandys nad Labem and was producing around 110k products a day. Acquisition of Pragolaktos by Unilever in 1993 ended the cooperation with TVIN. End of partnership couse an harm but didn't discourage from continuing the production. Single-purpose production wasn't an option anymore and TVIN started to form manufacturing process, new goals and expanding its portfolio of product.

Based on the strategic change, the new business approach was created by establishing company ROOTVIN s.r.o. with a strong partnership with Belgian cone producer WORLD CONES. TVIN company continued on the market, but as a wholesaler for manufacturers of frozen creams, ice cream producers and candy shops only. ROOTVIN became the manufacturing company starting with full production in 1995 in brand new factory meeting all EU required hygienic standards, located in Zapska street. EU operational and hygienic standards were implemented to the production processes as well. Since 2000 the company holds certification ISO norm 9001 and uses a certified system of critical points HAACCP and in 2014 the certification FSSC 22 000 was granted.

The cooperation between TVIN and 4P VanLeer (rebranded to Huhtamaki) is flourishing. The production of aluminium cones is constantly decreasing from 200 million a year to 4 times more nowadays, mainly by transferring the production from Spain, France and Germany. ROOTVIN, through cooperation with HUHTAMAKI, is a guarantor of research and development of products for international companies and machinery and technologies. The Czech market is supplied by aluminium cones, paper cones for ice creams by wholesome company TVIN.

In accordance with worldwide trends replacing nonecological covers by recyclables, company VENI developed paper cones for deep-frozen creams. By successful conduct of the development was Mr Ivan Novak awarded with national and international recognition. Paper cone as a high-quality replacement of aluminium cones was awarded as the Best Packaging in the Czech Republic in 2000, worldwide competition Worldstar for Packaging 2000 and special recognition from organisation Global Greens as the new packaging save for the environment. Industrial production of the paper cone was handed to ROOTVIN company with detailed specifications including paper with memory effect.

ROOTVIN is manufacturing all its moulded and rolled cones, bowls, tubes and flat waffles in many variations. Nowadays, is the company important producer for Czech and international markets through TVIN, WORLD CONES and BACKERY WORLD. Starting in 2008 ROOTVIN became part of the Roofoods International organisation.

Since the demand and production went dramatically up in 2010 and 2011, new factory and warehouse were built in 2013 and open for production in 2014.

The mission of Rootvin company is its stable high-quality products and satisfied customers.



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Rootvin, spol. s r.o.

Zápská 1799, Brandýs nad Labem, 250 01 Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav

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Společnost je zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku u MS Praha, odd.C, vložka 29406 ze dne 29. srpna 1994